Fluids- engine oil, transmission, brakes

Brakes- pads, rotors, re-build/new calipers

Engine- spark plugs, timing, belts, diagnose leaks, etc.

Restoration / Repair

Rebuild any air-cooled engine

Transmission & clutch




Install full/half cage for driver safety


Other Services

Restoration or repair on any classic or sports cars

Just let us know of any other specific needs!

About My Shop

Gene Racing Porsche
Picture of Gene, owner of Autohaus

My love of cars, particularly sports cars, started many years before the opening of Autohaus in November of 1983. Going back a few years to high school was when I first became interested in sports cars. I restored an Austin Healey 3000 and drove it my senior year. After high school I entered Franklin Technical School in Boston to receive an associates degree in automobile mechanics and engineering. After tech school I found a job in a “Porsche Shop” owned by Ralph Meaney in Massachusetts. I first began with the most prestigious of responsibilities -sweeping floors and then worked my way up to engine rebuilding.

It was during that time, that I had my first introduction to PCA. Wow! That was a life changing event. My first ride was in a 914-6 with slicks and Ralph Meaney driving– it was unforgettable! Later, that year I participated in the Zone 1 PCA at the Glen. I was “hooked” for life. While I would not stay in the Boston area – I would always maintain a connection to PCA and Porsches. After several years, I found my way back to New Jersey and I worked at Exclusive Motors, a Ruf turbo shop, where I had an opportunity to expand my knowledge and friendships.

I was really committed to starting my own business after I visited the Porsche factory in the summer of 83’. I visited a shop in Germany called Autohaus and it seemed inevitable. All I can say is that it has been an incredible ride and a memorable journey building my business. Much more is on the horizon as I continue to adjust Autohaus to meet the needs of the Porsche “officianotto.” Preservation of vintage Porsche cars is a dream of mine. Racing a 1968 Porsche 911 from 1990-present. I enjoyed the history and friendships all the way. Looking forward...Gene


A photograph of Jeff McFadyen's Porsche 911.

"I have counted on Gene as my Porsche technical expert for over ten years. He always has an affordable solution to any problem I present. I am in the habit of doing my own Porsche maintenance, but when it comes to things I can't or don't want to do, I always take the job to Autohaus. Gene overhauled my 81 SC transmission when it would not stay in first gear. When he was finished the 915 transmission performed better than ever, and was still going strong when I sold the car with over 130,000 miles on the odometer. He has fixed the sunroof on both my 81 SC and my Current 88 Carrera when the cables and gear mechanism failed. He has also helped me keep the AC cold in both cars. Gene always amazes me at the depth and breadth of experience and skill he brings to Classic Porsche service. The 88 is my concours car, and Gene understands how to take the care necessary when he works on my Porsche. When ever I come in contact with a Porsche owner who needs a referral for service, Autohaus is my unconditional recommendation.

The photo is my 88 Carrera Coupe on display on the main straight at Pocono International Raceway for the NNJR Porcherama Concours."

A photograph of Joe Rodriguez's Porsche 911.

"Gene doesn't run a shop. He fuels a passion. As a Technical consultant for NNJR, Gene spends much of his time speaking to Porsche enthusiasts from all over the Tri-State area especially those with older, air-cooled engines. He truly enjoys interacting with PCA members and services each car like it was his very own and somehow remembers its history with each visit.

As most enthusiasts dread visits to shops as sometimes our beloved money pits take more bite out of our wallets than expected. My experience with Gene is very different. He's been working on Porsches for over 30 years and shows a flair for taming the idiocyncracies of older air-cooled engines, transmissions and suspension in the most practical ways possible. He is honest about jobs that are necessary and those that can be held back or even DIY'd.

What I enjoy most of all are my discussions with Gene in his shop where he shares his knowledge of my '73 car which he's serviced for over 20 years!"

You can reach Autohaus by email, phone or stopping by for a visit!